How to Can Peaches in a Simple Honey Syrup

How to Can Peaches 4

Peaches are the fruit I look most forward to in the summer time! Well, I guess I have to add in strawberries , cherries and nectarines as well. California’s Centural Valley has some of the best summer fruit in the nation! I beg to differ that our peaches might even be better than Georgia’s but […]

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How to Save Money on Real Food Part 2

How to Save Money on Real Food

Real food isn’t cheap, there is no way around that. That’s why it is important to learn to use what you have and be informed about where you might find deals on real food. Last week I shared a few tips on how to save money on real food, today we are going to continue […]

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Weekend Links


Favourite Links This Week 15 Real Food Weeknight Meals @ Red and Honey Managing Bug Bites with Herbal Remedies @ A Gypsy Herbal Discontent with Discontentment @ Mason Jar Values 25 Ways to Pray for and Aid Persecuted Christians @ The Road to 31 Favourite Memories My ninas are huge Jane Austen fans! They love […]

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Simple Meals Friday #95


  Welcome to Simple Meals Friday! There is nothing like having a collection of simple meals to throw together in a slow cooker first thing in the morning or in a skillet as a last minute dinner. What are your favorite slow cooker, rice cooker, skillet meals and salads? We want to know your easy […]

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Lacto-fermented Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus

Lacto-fermented Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus 7

Hummus is a beautiful food! There is no way around it, it so delicious and versitle that it is the only dip I make. For those of you that don’t know know hummus is a dip make from grabanzo beans (chickpeas), tahini (sesame seed paste) and well as other ingredients. Your typical hummus found the […]

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