Saturday Bargains Christmas Edition

The Advent and Christmas season is one of my favourite times of year. I love the time to focus on intentionally celebrating Jesus, the hope we have in him, family and friends. Over the past few years Advent has been a beautiful and meaningful time for my family of girls in Mexico. We always welcomed […]

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How To Stretch A Chicken Into 6 Meals

Chicken Love Nourishing Simplicity

The iconic roasted “Sunday Chicken”, there is little that tastes better than a savoury piece of chicken with crispy skin and spices. When served with some potatoes and a vegetables, you have a meal that is satisfying and delicious. Unfortunately if you are buying a pastured chicken or even a regular organic chicken you might […]

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How to Cook Real Food without a Real Kitchen


Have a tiny kitchen? Ya, me too… Actually right now I have no kitchen of my own but that’s another story. Most of you know that until recently I was living in Mexico. I had a “kitchen” but it was not that fancy of one, it consisted of a few odds and end thrown together […]

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Saturday Bargins 11/8/14

Guess what? Today is Saturday, which means Saturday Bargains is actually on the right day, instead of Monday like last time… In case you are new, this is how it works. Sarah of Simple Life Abundant Life and I search the internet for the best deals in faith, family and natural living. All the prices […]

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How to Dehydrate Apples


What says fall more than a fresh crisp apple? Whenever I think of picking apples a scene from Anne of Avonle (the movie) pops into my head. Anne and Katherine are climbing ladders to fill baskets of apples. Then the scene changes to Anne and Gilbert strolling down the lane with said basket of apples ( I never quite […]

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