Real Food Peach Milkshake

Real Food Peach

Sweet peaches, fresh raw milk, and homemade vanilla ice cream blended until smooth to make the perfect summer drink. Summer is slowly winding to a close but peaches are still showing up at my local farmer’s market. My dad and sister love peach milkshakes at a certain chicken restaurant. It definitely isn’t the most nourishing […]

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Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - www,

Rich, creamy espresso laced ice cream with bits of dark chocolate and espresso beans. It’s a cup of lovely coffee in a bowl of ice cream. A couple months ago I was sitting a local coffee shop with a couple friends eating amazing gelato. As I savored the espresso gelato I immediately made plans in […]

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“Green” Smoothie

"Green" Smoothie -

Green smoothies have been all the rage for quite a few years now. A simple search on Pinterest will give you more recipes that you can make in a year. I tend to be non-traditional when it comes to green smoothies, however. For a couple years, I did the whole kale and spinach thing but […]

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Homemade Squeezable Bentonite Clay Toothpaste

Homemade Squeezable Bentonite Clay

Brush your teeth with dirt they say… it’s good for them! Hum, ┬ádirt = clean, now that’s a thought. When I first told people I make my own toothpaste they were surprised. Then I told them I now brush my teeth with dirt, oh they loved that one! Sometimes people think it’s cool but most […]

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Real Food Iced Coffee Shop Drinks to Make at Home

Real Food Iced Coffee Shop Drinks to Make at

I love coffee. I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of the bitter brew before. Sometimes I still feel a bit guilty since well, I wrote a cookbook about everything tea…. When I started this blog coffee was not on the radar at all. Since then we’ve become good friends. Summer is the perfect time to […]

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