Simple 3 Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner


Clean, fresh smelling homes. Sparkling countertops. No harsh chemicals.

It sounds nice, doesn’t it? You want to clean your home with non-toxic cleaners, unfortunately, most of the ones you find are expensive.

You have thought of making your own household cleaning products, but you are intimidated.

“What if you waste ingredients, or what if they don’t turn out?”

Push those fears aside. You can conquer those fears with three, that’s right three simple ingredients, water, distilled white vinegar, and an essential oil.

It is as simple as that. 

Water is practically free, woohoo! Purified, filtered water is best.

Distilled white vinegar disinfects and deodorizes, killing 99 percent of bacteria, 80 percent of viruses (germs) and 82 percent of mold. (Source) You will be paying no more than a few dollars for a gallon of white vinegar at your local grocery store.

Essential oils are used in tiny proportions so even a small bottle goes a long way. They add an antibacterial and disinfectant cleaning power.

Essential Oils for Cleaning: 

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca)
  • Eucalyptus

Glass bottles are best when making your own cleaners. Essential oils and vinegar will break down plastic bottles over time.

This simple 3 ingredient all-purpose cleaner is perfect for cleaning kitchen and bathroom counter tops, the outside of toilets, mirrors, and so much more! It frees up space in your cabinet, which is a win! Now your cabinets won’t be overflowing with bottles! To simplify even more, you can store the cleaner, along with a few other cleaning essentials in a caddy, so you can carry your supplies from room to room! Beauty is simplifying.

Simple 3 Ingredient All Purpose Cleaner

  • 1 glass spray bottle
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 15 drops essential oil(s)

Pour the water and vinegar into the glass spray bottle. Add the essential oil(s) of your choice. Screw in the sprayer and give it a good shake to combine.

Shake before use.


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