Homemade Squeezable Bentonite Clay Toothpaste

Homemade Squeezable Bentonite Clay Toothpaste-www.nourishingsimplicity.org

Brush your teeth with dirt they say… it’s good for them!

Hum,  dirt = clean, now that’s a thought.

When I first told people I make my own toothpaste they were surprised. Then I told them I now brush my teeth with dirt, oh they loved that one! Sometimes people think it’s cool but most of the time they think I’m nuts. Like I didn’t know that already….

I’ve been making my own toothpaste for many years now. I started with a coconut oil based one about 6 years ago. I have happy with it’s results overall, but I was looking for a little something more. As I started looking I read Bulk Herb Store’s Toothpaste recipe, I was intrigued. I immediately started experimenting with new recipes. I would think I found one I loved and then I would ditch it for another one. I was determined to create a blend with coconut oil and bentonite clay. I even had a post all ready to go two years ago, but it didn’t save… Then my friend Liz told me that while she loved it, her hubby didn’t like using it.  I was so frustrated that I took a step back.


That actually ended up being a good thing.  I got a couple tubes of Earthpaste in the mail for free and discovered a whole new world. 😉 Honestly, though, it made me realize that I was overthinking my recipe and adding two many ingredients. Guess which was the first to go? My beloved coconut oil. I already oil pull most mornings, plus it just wasn’t blending right with the clay so I cut it out. It also gave me a chance to create a toothpowder.

I LOVE Earthpaste, but my budget doesn’t allow me to keep more than a tube or two on hand in case I run out of my homemade version.

Homemade Squeezable Bentonite Clay Toothpaste-www.nourishingsimplicity.org

I get chills when I think about using a tube of “Insert Name Here” toothpaste from the store. I used to love that beautiful swirl of white, green and red, ahem… no name calling. We use or at least should be using toothpaste twice a day 365(6) days a year. With something that we use as frequently as that we need to take care.

Really let’s be honest here, how many of swallowed toothpaste growing up?  Yes, you over there get your hand up I just watched you  squeeze some in and swallow. Life with kids right? There are warning labels on toothpaste telling you to call poison on control if swallowed. Which happens, every. single. day. if you have kiddos.

Why not give them something that is safe to eat since it’s inevitable? That’s what is so great about this toothpaste, even though I don’t suggest eating it, you can. If you have concerns about using essential oils feel free to leave it out or use an organic extract. I personally am comfortable with the minimal amount used, they are high quality and extremely diluted.

Homemade Squeezable Bentonite Clay Toothpaste

  • 4-6 TBS purified or distilled water
  • 3 TBS bentonite clay
  • 1/4 to 1/2 tsp powdered stevia (or about 10 drops of liquid stevia)
  • 1/4 tsp charcoal (optional)
  • 1/8 tsp real salt
  • 5-10 drops essential oil (peppermint, clove, lemon, or orange) (ask me my favourite brands)
  • GoToob or small glass jar

Mix the dry ingredients in a small bowl using a plastic or wooden spoon. You never want your clay to touch metal.

Add the essential oils and stir again.

Add one tablespoon of water at a time, stir until you reach the consistency you desire. Spoon into a GoToob or small glass jar.


Homemade Coconut Oil Deodorant

Have you tried multiple different natural deodorants without finding one that works well? If you’re like me you have spent too much money on expensive natural deodorants that don’t work. You need look no further. I have a wonderful natural, frugal deodorant to share with you.
I found this recipe on Passionate Homemaking last year. I made a batch in September and haven’t run out yet. It works so much better than any of the natural deodorants  I have bought in the past.  Just as I was getting ready to write this post I saw that Lindsay had written a new post about her deodorant. She answers any question you may have about making your own homemade natural deodorant. She even has an instructional video. Unfortunately I am unable to watch it, the internet is a little too slow here to load the whole thing. Hopefully you will have better luck. Here’s the basic recipe with my modifications but for a more in depth lesson be sure to go check out Lindsay’s site.
I am so glad that I now have a frugal safe deodorant I can use.  At last an aluminum free deodorant that works! Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer because your lymph nodes are in your armpits as well  in your  breasts.  Coconut oil is has anti fungal and antibacterial properties that make it an excellent oil to use in deodorant.


Homemade Coconut Oil Deodorant

6 TBS Coconut Oil
2 TBS Grated Bee’s Wax
¼ Cup Baking Soda
¼ Cup Arrowroot Powder
10 drops lavender or tea tree essential oil (opptional)
Heat the  coconut oil and bee’s wax together. Once the wax is fully melted stir in the baking soda and arrowroot powder.
While still warm pour the mixture into a small container.
I made this while it was still very hot out. I found it impossible to apply in such a liquid state. That’s when I decided to add bee’s wax. In the summer and fall it is the perfect constancy to apply with our fingers. Now that it’s winter  I stick my deodorant container in my pocket for a few minutes. Then it is easy to apply. 

Here is an article that I came across today that discuses the dangers of aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorant.