The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is Here!

Does being a mom and homemaker ever feel a little too hard?

There’s no question that you love your family like crazy and you’d do anything for them, but we all know it can be an exhausting job.

If you’re anything like me, I bet you wish your home felt more put together and peaceful, you kept up with housework better, you were more consistent about serving healthy, homemade meals and you weren’t running ragged so much of the time.

Because these families of ours? They matter more than anything else. Our job is so important, and we really want to do it right.  But so often, we end up feeling discouraged and even like we’re failing.

Maybe you wonder how you can keep up with it all and still have the energy and intentionality to be the kind of mom, wife, and woman you want to be.

Now, I know as well as you do that homemaking is never going to be stress-free (though it sure sounds nice). But what if you had more (and better) tools to help make it stress-less?

That’s why I’m over the moon to tell you about something very special happening right now called The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2016.

It was created to give you a plethora of amazing, high-quality resources to take some of the stress, overwhelm and difficulty out of homemaking and mothering.

To make you feel like you’re winning more often.

And to bolster you in the work you’re doing, because every awesome, hard-working mom deserves a little help sometimes.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle includes 93 hand-picked eBooks, eCourses, and printables, on topics that matter to moms such as:

  • organization, routines & creating a cozy home
  • recipes, grocery shopping and meal planning
  • budgeting and saving money
  • motherhood (no matter what age your kids are)
  • cultivating a strong marriage
  • faith (for you & your kids)
  • and even self-care (like exercise, weight loss, life planning and coloring books!)
  • and much more…

You have a full year to download the eBooks and printables and take the online eCourses, and everything you’ve downloaded becomes part of your permanent library, so you can go back to it whenever you need it.

Plus, it comes with these FREE bonus offers from companies who know what homemakers need and want. Some are 100% free; other are yours for the cost of shipping only. You’ll get:

It’s available for just 6 days – from now until Monday, May 2nd, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. That’s why the Ultimate Bundles team can offer so much because they only have permission to sell it for such a short period of time.

The total value is an astonishing $1000+ (plus over $250 in bonuses), but you get it for just $29.97. That’s 97% off what it would cost to buy everything individually!

Learn more or get your bundle now!
If you think getting all those homemaking & mothering helps for less than $30 sounds like a steal, then make sure to go HERE to see exactly what it includes and grab yours before this deal ends!

(I am an affiliate of Ultimate Bundles. This means I will receive a commission from each sale with no additional cost to you but it will make me feel very loved and allow me to keep this blog running. So thank you!!!)

Seasonal Allergy Tincture

How to Make a Seasonal Allergy Tincture

Does sneezing, wheezing, and watery eyes sound familiar?

It’s allergy season, for many that may mean intense suffering for the next several months. For others, it could be a mild irritation.

Often, seasonal allergies are connected to an unhealthy gut. While many (if not most) people who suffer from seasonal allergies could benefit from a gut healing protocol such as GAPS. Not everyone has the time for it, or might not feel quite up to the challenge quite yet.

Thankfully, there are God-given plants in nature that work together to help our bodies fight off allergic responses.

My favorite way to ease allergy symptoms is to use a seasonal allergy tincture with three of my go-to herbs: nettle, dandelion root, and dried rose hips.

All three of these herbs contain bioflavonoids, namely quercetin, (as well as numerous other vitamins and nutrients) that work as natural antihistamines.

Continue reading at Modern Alternative Health to learn how to make this seasonal allergy tincture

Seasonal Allergy Tincture

How to Make a Seasonal Allergy Tincture Pintrest

Sweet and Spicy Thai Chili Dipping Sauce

Sweet and Spicy Thai Chili Dipping Sauce

Lacto-fermented Thai chili sauce and palm sugar paste make the most delightful pairing for dipping spring rolls and egg rolls alike.

Move over sweet and sour sauce, this sweet and spicy Thai chili dipping sauce takes the prize hands down.

Thai food and I are BFF’s as far as food goes. I love a bowl of steaming yellow curry over white rice (yes white), Pad Se Ew, fresh rolls, and fried spring rolls. My mouth is just drooling thinking about when my next Thai meal will be. Sadly not tonight…

I still remember my first visit to a Thai restaurant when I was about 13, a had a delicious rice noodle, chicken, and broccoli dish swimming is a sweet soy sauce gravy, (Lard Nah).

My parents ordered an appetizer which we never did but is was a special night and how can you say no to spring rolls? Delicate rolled wrappers filled with thin rice noodles and vegetables, fried to perfection. There is almost no way to say no…

Sweet and Spicy Thai Chili Dipping

Instead of the gloppy sweet and sour sauce that is served in most American Chinese restaurants the Thai restaurant served the spring rolls with a delightful sweet and spicy dipping sauce. It was one of the most delightful moments for my young foodie heart.

I’ve been recreating it for years serving it with fresh rolls, lettuce wraps, over noodles, and with my Thai-inspired pizza.

Sweet and Spicy Thai Chili Dipping Sauce

1/3 cup palm sugar paste or raw honey
1/4 cup Lacto-fermented Hot Thai Chili Sauce

Mix the two together in a small bowl with a whisk or fork until smooth.

Serve over a Thai dish, with spring rolls, or fresh rolls.

Sweet and Spicy Thai Red Chili Dipping Sauce Feb 17
  1. Mix the two together in a small bowl with a whisk or fork until smooth.
  2. Serve over a Thai dish, with spring rolls, or fresh rolls.

Have you tried a sweet and spicy Thai Chili Sauce before?

For the #momfail Days (And a Free Video Series for Moms)

Dishes are piled up in the sink. You’re pulling clean underwear out of the dryer for your potty training toddler. Your kids need a bath (and a haircut, too). Dinner is looking like scrambled eggs (again). And you’re pretty sure you didn’t win any awards for “the Most Patient and Gentle Mommy” today.

When I look back over my years as a dorm mama to my sweet girls I think about some of the things that could happen in a day…

One of my middle girls decided to let the older girls pierce her ears, with a dirty sewing needle…. Same said child, was peroxiding her hair for over a week before I noticed.

One of my little girls was hoarding some of her dirty clothes…

….that day I was doing laundry only to find a pile of poop in someone’s underwear. 

One of my sweet thing’s tongue was blue because she tried to eat marker…

…The preteen decided it was a good idea to press the hair dryer into the new carpet. Same child melted carpet on the other end of the house with an iron.

….a couple of my other preteens kids forgot to shut the chickens in for the night, now my front lawn (AKA, the patch of dirt and weeds) was now covered in feathers….

The time I decided to cut one of my girl’s hair myself, oh yes, that was GREAT….You would like I would have learned…

The list can go on… (Belive me it does). If Instagram had been around in my early to mid-20s so many of my days would have been #momfail days.

Can you relate? 

In fact, on days like this you might be tempted to judge yourself even more harshly than that. Not only were you not at your best, but actually, you’re a terrible mom. A pathetic homemaker. The day was a disaster. You probably deserve an F minus in motherhood.

And on and on goes the litany in your head as you stew about the ways you didn’t match up or weren’t enough or were too whatever (angry, critical, impatient, disorganized, fill in the blank).

You snap a shot of your depressing laundry pile after the kids go to bed and share it on Instagram with a self-deprecating comment and the hashtag #momfail. It’s only meant as a joke, of course, but deep down it feels a little truer than you wish it did.

If this sounds even remotely familiar, you need to know two things:

  1. You are not. Most of us feel this way far more than we ever admit.
  2. All the ways you failed?? How awful you did today or last week? It’s just not true. You’re doing better than you think.

I’ve had these sorts of days myself, and it’s precisely because I get it that I’m so excited to point you in the direction of this brand new (and free!) video series created by two moms who have lived their fair share of #momfail days.

Stephanie and Beth are not only popular bloggers, but they’re also moms in the trenches. They’ve got 8 kids and almost 20 years of mothering experience between them.

They also understand and have the deepest compassion for moms who are working their tails off, but still hitting the pillow at night with a heavy heart and tear-stained face, because they feel like they’re failing at one of the most important things they’ll ever do in their lives.

And so they’ve put together an honest, candid and incredibly encouraging series of three videos just for moms. It’s called “The Truth About #MomFail Culture: 10 Things You Need to Hear on the Hard Days”.

It won’t solve all your problems, and much as they wish they could, they can’t reach through the computer and fold that pile’o’laundry for you. But we can all benefit from a fresh perspective and encouragement from someone who really gets it.

Each video is short – around 10 minutes, and you can watch it on any sort of device and whenever you’ve got a few spare minutes.

To watch the video series, just click this link and enter your name and email to sign up. You’ll get access to the first video today, and then one per day after that.

Lacto-fermented Hot Thai Chili Sauce

Lacto-fermented Hot Thai Chili

Tangy with a punch of heat. This hot Thai chili sauce is just what you need for your next Asain inspired meal!

This simple chili sauce was inspired by one I had at a Thai restaurant, which I discovered is quite similar to sambala popular sauce in Asia made from chilies, vinegar, and spices such as garlic. You can find it in many grocery stores in the States as well.

This sauce adds that perfect pop of flavor and bit of heat to your favorite dishes with the added benefit of being lacto-fermented. While the commercial sauces you find in the store use vinegar for the tang, it can be achieved naturally with whey and unrefined salt. As an added bonus, it is healthy for your gut too!

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t get enough fermented foods in my diet. Simple little things like this lacto-fermented hot Thai chili sauce may not make all the difference in the world but every little bit helps!

For this recipe you can use a variety of red chilies depending on the flavor you want to achieve. Thai chilies pack on more heat but the recipe tastes equally good with jalapenos or serranos.

Drizzle it over Thai-inspired pizza, in a noodle soup for an added healing benefit, or to a yellow curry for an extra layer of heat!

Lacto-fermented Hot Thai Chili Sauce-www.

Lacto-fermented Hot Thai Chili Sauce

1 lb hot red chilies (Thai, Jalapeno, or Serano)
1/2 cup water
2 cloves garlic
2 TBS whey
1 tsp unrefined salt

Add all the ingredients into a blender. Blend on high until almost smooth.

Pour into a glass jar and screw a lid on. Leave on the counter or in a cupboard for three days.

Store in the refrigerator for several months.

Lacto-fermented Hot Thai Chili Sauce
  • 1 lb hot red chilies (Thai, Jalapeno, or Serano)
  • ½ cup water
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 TBS whey
  • 1 tsp unrefined salt
  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender. Blend on high until almost smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass jar and screw a lid on. Leave on the counter or in a cupboard for three days.
  3. Store in the refrigerator for several months.

What do you use hot chili sauce for?