Satuday Bargains

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It’s been a quite day here. I savored the rain and cleaned house while Sarah and her family went camping in the freezing weather with some friends. Despite the cold I think it sounded fun. It’s been WAY too long since I last went camping.

Enjoy these Saturday bargain deals. Remember these are affiliate links and the prices are subject to change at anytime, so always double-check the prices.


This sweet movie is only $5.69 right now. I remeber watching this with friends back in high school,  I still love it today!

spiralizer This spiralizer is a quick and easy way to turn vegetables into noodles. Or to make your salad really fancy. Either way it’s 64% off right now!dear mr knightleyThis Kindle book maybe one of my top favourite fiction books of the year. Hat tip to Emily Gardner for sharing it with me. It is only $2.99 right now. That’s 81% off.
blendtecCostco has a great deal on the Blendtec Total Blender Classic with Wildside Jar and Twister Jar. Through tomorrow (11/23/2014), it’s only $359.99. It usually retails at $799.99. I bought this same model (in red why? because it’s so fun) from Costco last winter. I LOVE it!! It is worth the investment. I eyed it for about 4 years before taking the plundge.strawsI have these straws and love using them. I also love how it reduces the amount of plastic my family is exposed to. Right now they are 73% off.

mayflowerOnly $5.38 right now. Take a historical look with your kids at what it would have been like to sail on the Mayflower.
nourishing traditionsThis book is a must read. It completely changed the way I view fat and really helped propel me into the world of real food. It is much more than a cook book. Right now it’s 32% off. It was my first “big step” into nourishing foods. It is definitely a book that is handy to have around at all times to use as a reference.

ina may I have never read this book, but it is definitely one that is on my list. It’s 28% off right now at only $12.99.vanilla steviaThis vanilla stevia is made with real vanilla and a glycerine tincture of the Stevia herb (not the processed powdered stuff). It’s 48% off for a pack of two. Remember, a little bit goes a looooooong way. I LOVE using it in my Americanos.

pilgrimsThis looks like a fun way to learn about the pilgrims with your kids. Only $3.99.

thanksgivingThis one is also only $3.99.

night before thanksgiving

We have this book and my children LOVE it. They love the pictures and the rhyme, even though they aren’t familiar with the original Twas the Night Before Christmas poem. It’s also only $3.99.lodgeWe never would have survived our camping trip if it wasn’t for our cast iron. I won’t divulge just how much bacon and eggs we cooked over the camp fire, but our cast iron never lets us down. This set is currently 57% off. krupsThis espresso maker is 68% off. You can never have too much espresso. Yes you can. No you can’t. (This is the conversation I have in my head everyday.)address Right now Zulily is having a sale on a bunch of really fun and trendy address stamps. They are $19.99 each which is discounted from the original $50 price (although who would really spend $50 on a stamp?! Not this lady!). I think these would make a fun stocking stuffer for family and it would definitely reduce the amount of time it takes me to address Christmas cards! The way Zulilly works is you have to make an account with your email address to look at the deals. Don’t worry, they won’t spam you. Once you’re in just type stamps in the search bar on the top right and they should pop up. After you create an account, if you share it with your friends, you can get a $15 credit if your friends buy something. That would practically pay for the stamp! Here’s my link:

Saturday Bargains Christmas Edition

saturday bargains christmas

The Advent and Christmas season is one of my favourite times of year. I love the time to focus on intentionally celebrating Jesus, the hope we have in him, family and friends. Over the past few years Advent has been a beautiful and meaningful time for my family of girls in Mexico.

We always welcomed the Christmas season with decorating the house, putting out our Advent wreath, Advent “Calender” and reading our Jesse Tree Devotional. Even though I was in a house of deaf girls I enjoyed blasting my Christmas music none stop. 🙂 When I was packing to move back to the States one of the things two of the girls asked me to leave was the Advent wreath. We never know the impact our intentional traditions will have on our children.

In light of this Sarah and I thought it would be fun to search out Christmas deals, so this is the Christmas edition of Saturday Bargains. Please remember that these are affiliate links and the prices are all subject to change at any time, so always double check the price before purchasing.


willow tree nativity

This is the nativity set that Sarah owns and loves. I think the Willow Tree characters are so simple and beautiful. This set is 31% off right now. I also almost bought it myself. nativity fabric calendarIsn’t this the cutest thing? I love the pockets and the advent style of this nativity. It’s 49% off right now. I could easily see this being a great conversation starter with kids each day as you talk about the different parts of the nativity all culminating in the birth of Jesus.little people nativityThis nativity set by Little People is 46% off. It’s a #1 best seller. I know my kids would love to have this. I could see them reenacting the nativity story for many years to come.nativityHere is another one for the kids. It’s 33% off with great Amazon reviews.


christmas carolThis Christmas classic is FREE on Amazon right now. These free books don’t last long.

joy of giving berenstein bears

The Berenstain Bears are very popular at our house. This book on the Joy of Giving is only $3.03 right now.

humphrey's first christmas

I have never read this book before, but after reading the review and comments I really want to. It’s a story about a camel named Humphrey who is upset that his blanket is missing. He later finds out the very special reason his blanket is missing, and it has to do with a baby. Only $4.63 on Amazon right now.

legend of st nicholas

Here’s a fun resource for teaching your children about the history of Saint Nicholas. 22% off right now.

legend of christmas tree

Why do we decorate Christmas trees? This book explains the legend. 23% off.
legend of christmas stocking

Ever wonder why we stuff stockings at Christmas? This book gives a beautiful story that will help your children focus on God this season. 24% off.legend of candy cane

Noticing a theme here? Here’s a great story that we actually reference in our Christmas devotional that gives a fun explanation for the stripes on a candy cane. 25% off.crippled lamb

This story is absolutely beautiful. Sarah and Scott reference it in their Christmas devotional and it is part of their giveaway right now. It is part of my personal collection and it’s one of the best Christmas books out there, in my opinion. 27% off. Years ago I helped write and direct a play based off the story so it holds and even more special place in my heart.

engaging father christmas finding father christmas

Robin Joes Gunn is one of my favourite authors. You may remember me mentioning the lesson in grace that I learned from her. These two delightful books are each 60% off. A couple meaningful lessons from these books have stayed with me since I first read the books.advent storybook

This advent storybook with beautiful illustrations is 30% off.

the best christmas pageant

If you have children old enough to read chapter books, this is a must-read. It’s 38% off right now and sure to be a hit. My mom read it to us almost every year growing up!

greatest gift

This devotional has all 5 star reviews and is written by the same author as the highly popular book 1,000 Gifts. It’s currently 37% off. It’s on my wish list this year!

MTAH Giveaway Bundle

Right now you can enter this giveaway to win a copy of Sarah’s  Christmas devotional and three children’s books that go along with it. This giveaway ends today, 11/15/2014 and has low entries. Enter here.


nativity movie

This beautiful portrayal of the nativity story is a tradition in many households. Right now it’s 50% off at just $7.49.It’s favourite of my girls that made an appearance throughout the year.

the christmas candle

This sweet movie by Max Lucado is 47% off.

charlie brown christmasThis movie needs no explanation, except that it’s 55% off right now.

christmas classics

I grew up watching these classics and I know a lot of you did too. Right now they are 40% off. This was my Karen’s favourite movie until she turned 12!


jessie tree

This is a wooden Jesse tree and can be used along with the Jesse tree devotional. It’s only $3.75 plus shipping.


Right now on Vitacost, all Frontier items are an extra 15% off. Stock up on spices and flours for your Thanksgiving and Christmas baking. I used this discount to order a bunch of organic herbs for making our own vitamins. You seriously can’t beat this deal. If you have never used VitaCost before, you can sign up through my link and get a $10 off a $30 coupon which makes the deal even sweeter. Once you log in, click on the deals link on the top right hand corner and then scroll down until you see the Frontier deal.



Listen to your favorite Christmas songs from the top Christian artists. Only $8.15

So nostalgic. Only $4.99.josh groban

Beautiful Christmas songs, only $8.48.



6 Steps to Shortening the Common Cold with Herbs

6 Steps To Shortening The Common Cold With Herbs |

Herbs are one of the greatest gifts God has given us. I am daily in awe of the blessing of having herbs for everyday use. There is hardly a time that herbs are not incorporated into my day, they are kind of like coconut oil and gelatin, one of those essentials that I don’t skimp on.

When the sore throats, stuffy noses, and coughs hit it’s easy to grab a bottle or jar of over-the-counter meds from the store. Sadly most of these only ease the systems for a time while not actually healing your body. Herbs can heal and ease symptoms at the same time!

It is a good idea to prep your herbal medicine cupboard before the cold hits. That way you will be ready to treat your family when the need arises. Here are 6 steps that you can take to shortening the common cold with herbs. You can read more about it at Bulk Herb Store.

4 Myths About Lice Dispelled + Natural Lice Treatment

4 Myths About Lice Dispelled + Natural Lice Treatment- www.nourishingsimplicity.orgPhoto Credit: Eran Finkle

Lice! It is the word every parent dreads to hear. You immediately start to itch all over. Its fills you with a momentary paralyzing dread until you go into freak out mode, or not….

Lice are nasty critters to deal with. I speak from lots of first hand experience, just saying I have treated over 50 cases of lice while living in Mexico. I think I should consider a job as a professional nit-picker. You didn’t know that was an actual job did you? Once you have dealt with lice you will understand the expression nit-picking so much better.

Before you rush to the local drug store please stop and breath for a moment and listen (or rather read). You don’t need  harsh chemicals to treat lice. No, that’s not a typo. You can treat your child’s lice without one drop of them.

4 Myths About Lice

  • Lice jump or fly
  • Lice are attracted to impoverished areas and dirty heads
  • Lice make you a dirty person.
  • Lice need harsh chemicals to kill them.

Continue over to Modern Alternative Mama to find out the truth.

13 Tips for Hiking with Kids

13 Tips for Hiking with Kids

I love hiking! It must be in my blood since my dad spent a summer backpacking before he met my mom. I am nowhere near that hard-core but I do enjoying camping or a good day hike. Growing up we went camping and hiking a lot. While I was living in Mexico my girls and I took many short hikes into the hills behind our home.

Hiking is always an adventure with kids. It’s good to be prepared for whatever you might face on your hike. Today we have 13 Tips for Hiking with Kids that are sure to give you a place to start from next time you plan a hike with your kids!

1. Wear good shoes

Good shoes are vital for hiking. Little flats with no traction on the soles are going to send your kiddos sliding if they hit loose soil, gravel or a slick rock. They also give you no arch support leaving feet tired and sore way before you are done. If it’s going to be a long hike through lots of brush then they need a good pair closed toe boots. If you are going on more of a gentle hike sandals like these Keens or Chacos work great! I have a pair of each and have used them for light hikes for about 8 years now. My Chacos traveled all over Israel with me for two weeks a few summers ago. On that same trip one of my friends had on Keens and we both felt fine after hiking many miles each day.

2. See things from their perspective

Some my greatest memories hiking with my girls comes from stopping with the littlest ones and seeing the things they see and letting them express their joy over the view or whatever they may have found. New found pleasures and joy are just waiting to be discovered! I get a kick out of the stories some of them tell about the little mouse they saw it how they imagined it’s life.

3. Bring water

I don’t care how short of a hike it is, bring water. This is not a suggestion, it’s a must. You never know when someone might twist an ankle or break a bone leaving you stranded for a few hours until help can be found. A water bottle with a quality filter is the best way to bring water on a hike especially if you know you will be near fresh water. One of the only water filters I trust is the Bereky water filter. Bereky makes great water bottles that each person can carry.

13 Tips for Hiking with Kids

4. Bring snacks

Snacks keep your energy up and are a fun thing to look forward to when you plan on taking a break. Thing like beef jerky or beef/turkey sticks (I like Nick’s sticks, they are made from grass feed meat and Reals Salt) give you a protein boost and aren’t messy. A few fun/special snacks are great too, like a homemade granola bar. Even though chocolate is the perfect treat most days, I don’t pack very often unless I know it’s going to be a cool day. No one likes melted chocolate making a mess all over  everything. Soaked and dehydrated nuts and dried fruit are also great stable snacks to bring.

5. Bring a first aid kit

You never know who will trip and skin a knee, get into poison ivy, stung by a wasp or twist an ankle. It is good to be prepared for whatever might happen. Serafina shared about her herbal medicine chest, that is a good place to start for deciding what to put in your kit.

A few staples that I like to bring are:

6. Go over rules

Set rules for your kids before you even leave the house. You might want to even review them again before you start your hike. Your kids need to know what is okay and what is not. Take into consideration their age and responsibility level. I have always felt blessed by my girls not going too far off and paying attention.

7. Don’t plans something too intense

Unless your kids are used to hiking it’s important to remember that they might not be up for too intense of a hike. Kids (or adults for that matter) who aren’t used to hiking or just have little legs need more breaks. It’s normal for them to feel the hike in their muscles or to have the need for more water and rest breaks when they are not in shape, used to the altitude or so much activity.

8. Pack toilet paper and resealable bags

Without fail it’s hard to take a hike and not have at least one person needing to go to the bathroom. Toilet paper and a resealable bag to pack the soiled paper out with are a must. A small trowel to cover the #2 is a good idea as well.


9.  Dress appropriately

Be aware of the weather where you are going to be hiking and how long you will be gone. When I was hiking in Baja we were in a very hot and dry area most of the year so layers weren’t quite as important, often tank tops helped us cool off. Rattle snakes LOVED our hills so we wore jeans most of the time. If we were up in the mountains any time of year we would dress in layers that can be peeled off or added as the day went on.

10. Leave no trace

Please don’t let your kids litter while on your hike. It spoils God’s beautiful creation and makes it unlovely for the next person that comes along. It might also harm the wild life. We try to be carefull not to mess up too much brush or flowers as well. Though a few flowers usually find their way home with us. (Check rules for the area you are hiking in if it’s okay to collect things or not.)

11. Identify plant life

If you have been around Nourishing Simplicity for very long you will know that we are all about herbs. It is so much fun and a great teaching lesson to learn to identify plant life with your kids. Learning what plants are for cooking and healing is just as important as learning which plants to avoid. Poison Ivy for example is nasty to come in contact with but Jewel Weed which grows near by helps sooth the itch.

12. Be encouraging

Sometimes kids need a bit of encouragement and motivation to keep going. When one of my new girls moved in she was not accustom to hiking so we had to take things a bit slower at first and encourage her. She ended up having fun and running around with the best of them.

13. Bring a camera

There are sure to be special memories just waiting to be captured. Plus it’s great to take photos of the scenery and plants when you are learning how to identify them.

* Bonus- See everyone’s ability

Often people assume those who have limitations just can’t do something. While at times that can be true it’s not the absolute rule at all times. My hikes while living in Mexico normally consisted of 12-16 kids. The last year or so I had kids ages 4-19 with me. They are all deaf and for those of you that might want to know, it wasn’t an issue. My girls know the rules for when we hike and if I needed someone in the front’s attention I simply tapped the girl in front of me who got the attention of someone else who called the person I needed to talk to or just passed on the message.

I also had two girls that have no peripheral vision. They know that they have to be more aware of their surroundings and look around more. Another was my girls has a semi low functioning type of autism Even though it was a new experience for her she was happy because she was with the people that she knows, loves and trusts. Almost all of my girls loved hiking or at least started to half way through our time. They never let anything get in the way of just enjoying a good hike like any other kid.

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 What are your tips for hiking with kids?