About Katie Mae Stanley

Katie Mae Stanley is a dorm “mama” to a gaggle of amazing girls ages 10 to 18 at a home and school for the Deaf in Baja California, Mexico. She believes that life was meant to be lived barefoot with lots of open space to roam and play. Katie is passionate about nourishing food, herbs and simple living. She can often be found with a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of dark chocolate while she writing, reading and living life.

Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas (Soaked)

I recently co-authored an ebook with 4 other bloggers, “The Frugal Secrets of Real Foodies”. It won’t be released until June 2014 but for the next 6 days you can get it through “The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle”. The book on it’s own will be sold for $9.95 but you can get it along with 70 plus other books for less than $30! Plus check out all these other amazing cook books! I decided in honor of the sale to share one of my recipes from the book. 

frugal secrets of real foodies 
I remember the first time I tried making flour tortilla back on a high school mission trip, what a disaster! Now after 10 years of living in Mexico I feel like I have it down. There are days when my tortillas still aren’t perfect circle so don’t feel discouraged if your’s aren’t the first 100 times around.

*Make a double or triple batch and fill with beans, salsa and hash browns for a filling an inexpensive meal.


Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas (Soaked)

(Makes 12-15 Tortillas)


4 cups freshly ground whole-wheat flour
2 cups warm water
2 TBS acid medium (apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or whey)
1/3 cup lard, tallow or coconut oil
1 tsp unrefined salt
1 tsp baking powder
Unbleached white flour for dusting

1. In a bowl combined flour, water, acid medium and oil. Stir until the flour is mixed in. cover with a cloth or plastic wrap and leave on the counter to soak for eight to twenty four hours.

2. Once the soaking is complete sprinkle the salt and baking powder over the top of the dough. Gently kneed in the bowl until the salt and baking powder are mixed in.

3. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured (unbleached white flour) surface and kneed for about five minutes. Cover the dough ball and let it set for twenty minutes.

4. After twenty minutes gently pull of small ball of dough and roll in your hand until round. You should have between twelve and fifteen balls of dough. Cover and let the dough balls rest for ten minutes.

5. Take a little unbleached white flour and place it in a pile on the counter. Pick up your first ball of dough and lightly press it into the flour just to lightly cover both sides and flatten the tortilla ball. Roll the rolling pin once forwards and then back towards yourself. Then turn the dough over and rotate 45 degrees. Continue to do this until you have a round (or nearly round) tortilla

6. Cook the tortillas on a hot grill or skillet for a few seconds on both sides until light brown spots appear. Don’t let them get too brown or they will end up being hard when they cool off. Place each tortilla hot off the grill in a few tea towels to keep them warm.


The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale {Plus a Special Offer for NS Readers and an Amazing Giveaway}

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Why Clean Water is So Important {Whole Home Water Filtration Giveaway}


Water is water right? Most of you reading this live in the US or Canada. On the surface level our water is “clean”, it looks clear and doesn’t make us deathly ill but our water on a whole is still not good for us. I’m sure many of you have heard about the dangers of fluoride and chlorine in our city water. This podcast with Simply Kristen is wonderful and full of information. 

Life in Mexico has taught me the seriousness of clean water. Most people in Mexico have to buy their drinking water because they don’t want to become seriously ill from what is living in the water. It’s nasty stuff. I know of many friends that have use the Berkey water filter and love it! It’s still on my wish list. 

One of my dear friends down here is hopping to buy her own house in the near future. We’ve talked countless times about how wonderful it would be to have an complete house water filter. If we don’t want fluoride, chlorine and parasites in our drinking water then it makes perfect sense that we don’t want to be bathing or brushing our teeth with them as well. 

What if I told you that there was an incredibly generous gentleman named Dan, owner of United Environmental Solutions, who is willing to give one of you a Whole Home Water Conditioning with Two-Stage Filtration System? One that is valued at $4,995? Well, I wouldn’t be lying.

18 amazing bloggers came together, partnering with Dan, to make this happen. Because we know that everyone deserves the cleanest, safest water possible.

Before I get into the specifics of how you can win (and also how you can purchase one of the systems at a wholesale price), I want to take a moment to tell you a little bit about this system and what it can do for you and your family.

What exactly is the AquaVida (Water for Life) Whole Home Water Conditioning with Two-Stage Filtration System?

The AquaVida (Water for Life) Whole Home System is one of the only companies that separates the media with its dual chamber tank. This makes it 10 times more effective. They use only the best carbon and resin on the market to filter and condition your water. There is no mixing, and the resin regenerates weekly so it is practically like getting a new system!

The BEST part is that the AquaVida Whole Home System requires NO FILTER CHANGES! You add salt to the system once or twice per year and that is it for maintenance. The system will last 10+ years! Yep – 10 or more years and NO FILTER CHANGES. Epic right?


What will this Whole Home Water Filtration System remove or reduce?

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Hexafluorosilicic acid (which is the human made fluoride added to water)
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Pesticides
  • Pharmaceutical residues
  • Arsenic
  • Bacteria
  • and much more

What else can it do?

It will soften your water too which is excellent for those of you living with hard water. (And oh how soft and shiny your hair will now be!)

I’m sure you have heard of Berkey and Propur. While these are two great water filtration options (and Dan offers both so visit his site if you are in the market), they can only be used on a small scale – not a whole house scale. Sure, they are not nearly as expensive but honestly, I would rather have something that can manage ALL the water I use and not just some of it.

Want To Own an AquaVida Whole Home Water Filtration System For 70% Off?

I am super thrilled to not only be giving away one of the Whole House Systems but also to give you the opportunity to own one for next to nothing. Dan has agreed to open up a “co-op” opportunity for anyone interested in owning one of these systems. Up to 15 people can get in on this amazing deal. Dan is willing to offer the system for the wholesale price of $1,498.50. This does NOT include installation but Dan can help you find reputable installers who typically charge between $200-$500 depending on how complicated your plumbing is. Let me make sure that you got all that. You can OWN a WHOLE HOME WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM for $1,498.50. You will NOT find a better deal on this caliber of system. Even Costco, known for good prices, can’t touch that. And Dan also stands behind his products so you know he will be there when you need him.

If you want to take advantage of this deal, you need to email Jennifer who is the mama behind Hybrid Rasta Mama. She set this all up so I’ll let her work out the details with you and Dan. You can find her at Jennifer [at] hybridrastamama [dot] com. But you need to email her before May 20th. And I suggest doing it soon. Remember, only 15 people can get in on this and I already know several slots are spoken for. If you are in Canada, you are eligible but there is an additional $300 shipping and customs fee.

The giveaway and how you can win!

Well, it is pretty easy. You just need to use the Rafflecopter Entry Widget below. This giveaway opens TODAY, April 21, 2014 and closes on May 11, 2014 at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be selected within 72 hours after the close of the giveaway from among all eligible entries received during the Giveaway. Winners will be announced on the giveaway post and contacted by Jennifer at HybridRastaMama.com via email. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents without restrictions and Canadian residents with restrictions. Canadian residents must pay a $300 shipping/customs fee if they win.

Be sure to show some love to all 18 of the bloggers participating! If you visit their blogs, be sure to say “thanks.” They would appreciate it.

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Weekend Links



Happy Easter Weekend! This morning we are going be busy around the house cleaning and baking for tomorrow. Right now a I have a few quite moments before everyone rises. Do you have any big plans this weekend? 

We’re keeping it pretty simple this year. Last night we “buried Jesus” as a teaching lesson for the younger ones to visualize Jesus dying, staying in the grave and then rising on Sunday morning. It’s been a yearly tradition for a long time now.

This weekend since it is Holy Week, it seemed fitting to share with you my favorite Easter reflections, tips and a recipe. I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend! 

Easter Links

All Natural Homemade Marshmallow Chicks from The Nourishing Gourmet

Holy, Holy, Holy from Small Town Simplicity

7 Ideas for a Reserection Focused Easter from The Humbled Homemaker

Naturally Colored Eggs from Bibberche

I’m sure you have been hearing the chatter this week about the 2nd annual UltimateHomemaking Bundle. Can I just say I am so excited about this sale?

What is a a bundle sale you might ask? Well, it an amazing set of ebooks, resources, ecourses and fun bonuses. The bonuses alone are worth over $200! As an author in the sale I have been pouring over my books and snatching up some of my bonuses. Let me just say, it really is ultimate!

How much does it cost? Less than $30! If you decide you want the Kindle version instead you can pay an extra $10 to get the PDF files and the Kindle books.

When can I get it? April 23 at 8:00am (EST)- 28th at midnight EST. It is available for 6 days only and then it’s gone. 


Where can I buy? Right here at Nourishing Simplicity! If you sign up for my free email updates (on the side bar or the bottom of this post) I will send you a few reminders throughout the week so you don’t miss it! 


Classic Nourishing Hot Cocoa


What is better than steaming cup of hot cocoa on a cool morning? I love to wrap my hands around the mug to warm my body and soul. 

 If you haven’t guess already I am a bit obsessed with hot cocoa. I have seven different varieties on this site. It all started with a simple cup of coconut milk hot cocoa and grew into a love for the tasty beverage. After making raspberry, peppermint, Mexican and a mix just to name a few I thought it was time I finally shared a recipe for a classic hot cocoa with a nourishing twist of course. 


My milk of choice these days is raw cow milk but you can use whatever type of milk you prefer. Each will add its own unique flavor but will still be delicious!

Classic Nourishing Hot Cocoa



  1. Heat 3 3/4 cup of the milk in a small sauce pan. If you are using dairy carefull not to let the milk curdle. For raw milk it is best to not let it get any warmer than 110 F to preserve most of the benifical properties of the raw milk.
  2. In a small bowl or mug mix the remaining 1/4 cup milk, cocoa powder, honey and vanilla. Stir with a fork or a small wisk until a smooth paste is formed.
  3. Once the milik is heated pour the cocoa paste into the milk and wisk until smooth.
  4. Serve each cup of cocoa with a generous dalop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. You could also serve your cocoa with a homemade marshmallow or two.
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