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Welcome to Nourishing Simplicity, I am so glad to have you here!

Nourishing Simplicity (formerly Mexican Wildflower) was created back in the summer 2009 to share all the things I was learning about nourishing foods and herbs. The start was very slow since I did the thing you should never do and start a blog without owning a computer or laptop! Also being a dorm mama for a gaggle of girls can take up a lot of your time. I love them though so it was completely worth it!

Deep within me is the desire for a less complicated, simple life that is not caught up in the consumerism and materialistic side of life that is so prevalent today. I am one of those gals that love the sound of wind chimes ringing out in the gentle breeze ,who delights hearing children laughing in the clean outdoors and pulling loaves of homemade bread fresh from the oven. Simple pleasures like catching lightning bugs on a mid-summers night can’t be beat. The feeling of rich soil beneath my fingers is like a little piece of heaven. Moments like those bring such joy and contentment to my soul and make me remember what a mighty God we serve and who blessed we are to live on this earth! Life is a gift!

Simple living is a process that has to be gently nourished along the way. It doesn’t happen all at once, it takes baby steps. I have not perfected the part of simple living, I’m a work in progress as well!

Our goal at Nourishing Simplicity is to teach and equip others to embrace the simpler side of life through getting back to the basic that many consider a “lost art”. 

We focus on:

  • Nourishing Foods
  • Simple Living
  • Natural Living
  • Healthy Living
  • and Faith

Nourishing Simplicity offers easy to prepare recipes that follow nourishing practices like soaking grains, making sourdough, flavorful bone broths and homemade saurkarut. We give tips on eating real food  the raw milk, pastured meats and grass-fed butter for less! We also teach you how to heal your body with God given herbs and essential oils. Tutorials for making natural cleaners and things like homemade toothpaste are shared frequently at NS.

As the byline says I am “living simply by God’s grace” which  has a double meaning. The first being that I recognize that without my Savior I would be nothing. I have been saved simply by his grace alone and nothing that I can or have done can save me. I know that as an imperfect person he is daily showing me grace for the mistakes I make in daily life. I try my best to learn from those mistakes and conform more to his likeness.

The second meaning is that I try to live a simple life that honors God. This means that I am trying to live frugal and naturally in order to glorify Him and better serve others. Some might call me a health freak or hippie, which I am in part.

As a children of God I believe that we have been given the responsibility to care for our bodies, family and the world he has entrusted us. Our bodies are the temple of the living God and we are to honor God with our bodies.

I prepare almost all my food from scratch using local or organically grown/raised food. I also make many of my own body care products and herbal supplements so that I can know what is going into/on my body as well as save money. We were appointed stewards of this earth so I try to avoid as much waste as possible. I have fun exploring ways to re-use what I can or find non-disposable options.

As you explore this blog you will find many recipes, simple living tips and natural remedies that I use on a constant basis as well as my thoughts and struggles in being conformed into Jesus’ likeness. I hope that your are blessed and encouraged in my journey to be the mom and woman He has called me to be.

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  1. Katie Mae, I am sure glad I found this blog. I have been implementing “Nourishing Tradition” principles in my home. So much time is spent fiddling with and converting recipes. Your recipes are a God send, you are one talented lady and such a creative cook! I am following you and am bookmarking this page as well. Thank you for sharing !!

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