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My name is Katie Stanley, I was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, raised in the Central Valley of California and have lived in northern Baja California, Mexico since I was 19. I am a daughter of God and a follower of Jesus. Who is my first true love, I strive to glorify him in all that I do.

I moved to Mexico in August of 2004 as a laundry lady and later dorm mom to sixteen deaf girls at Rancho Sordo Mudo, a Christian boarding school for the deaf. I have been blessed to help raise thirty-one girls in my time here. Every day presents a new challenge and joy. It is amazing to see my Heavenly Papa work in the lives of my “daughters” as they learn a language and learn what it means to be a child of God.

I try to be a godly mother and role model for my girls. My desire is for them to grow closer to God and to develop a real personal relationship with the Savior of the world. I want them to have a passion for the lost, especially reaching out to other Deaf. I pray that my girls will become all the He has created them to be and that they won’t let anyone look down on them because of their age or deafness.

I was a homeschooler until the age of fifteen when I started attending a Christian high school. I have never gone to college but am a continual student of the Bible, herbs, nourishing living and how to be a woman after God’s own heart.

I was blessed to be raised by two wonderful, godly parents and have two siblings. As a family we have gone through many trails but God has seen us through them all. By God’s grace my mother been cancer free for over eight years. She is my inspiration and motivation to continue to learn how to eat more nourishing and learn the uses of the amazing herbs that God has given us. While my mom did go through chemotherapy and radiation she also ate as healthy as she possible could used many natural supplements. I firmly believe in putting as few chemicals and drugs into my body as possible but I do recognize the intelligence that God gave man to learn how to treat serious illnesses and disease through modern medicine when necessary.

As the byline says I am “living simply by God’s grace”. It has a double meaning. The first being that I recognize that without my Savior I would be nothing. I have been saved simply by his grace alone and nothing that I can or have done can save me. I know that as an imperfect person he is daily showing me grace for the mistakes I make in daily life. I try my best to learn from those mistakes and conform more to his likeness. The second meaning is that I try to live a simple life that honors God. This means that I am trying to live frugal and naturally in order to glorify Him and better serve others. Some might call me a health freak or hippie, which I am in part. As a children of God I believe that we have been given the responsibility to care for our bodies, family and the world he has entrusted us. Our bodies are the temple of the living God and we are to honor God with our bodies. I prepare almost all my food from scratch using local or organically grown/raised food. I also make many of my own body care products and herbal suppliments so that I can know what is going into/on my body as well as save money. We were appointed stewards of this earth so I try to avoid as much waste as possible. I have fun exploring ways to re-use what I can or find non-disposable options. Green living can be fun and frugal too!

Although I love being a “mom” to all my girls, it is my desire to one day be a wife, help-meet, mom and homemaker for a family of my own. I would love to live out in the country on my own little farm and have my family be my main ministry. God in part is answering that right now, I am a “mom”,  have my own little garden, chickens and I have an amazing ministry opportunity.

As you explore this blog you will find many recipes and natural remedies that I use on a constant bases as well as my thoughts and struggles in being conformed into Jesus’ likeness. I hope that your are blessed and encouraged in my journey to be the mom and woman He has called me to be.






  1. I have to tell you I am crying bc I am so happy to find a Christian blogger who writes about NF. My son has it.

  2. Lovely to meet you Katie.
    I look forward to browsing your blog and learning more.

  3. carolyn schwartz says:

    Hi ,I just came across your blog and find it VERY interesting! I tried to subscribe for it but couldn’t so I just bookmarked it!!
    I also love to make all my own “stuff” as much as I can and enjoy seeing and reading how and what others are doing.
    Thanks for sharing and God Bless you I also love the Lord and believe he has given us herbs that heal us if we learn to use them! Thank You for sharing.

  4. Rebecca Weiss says:

    I just came upon your blog from another healthy blog….love learning how to make my own good food. I loved reading your about page. I have a sister who is now 26, who is deaf. What an amazing time you must have where you live. Hope to follow along now that I’ve stumbled upon you.

  5. Again, great to have found you. You have such an interesting life and a really neat calling to those girls! May God continue to bless you and also give you someday the desire of your heart to get married and have your own family!

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