You long for simplicity

You want to live a simple, made from scratch life. Living a natural life while keeping your pocketbook in check is harder than you thought. You want to free from the burden of having to be perfect. 

It’s hard to find the balance in the business of your day to day life.

That’s why Nourishing Simplicity was created- to teach you how to:

  • Make your own nourishing recipes from scratch.
  • Craft salves, tinctures, and natural household products.
  • Give yourself an abundance of grace when you can’t do it all.
  • Have a simple and peaceful home.

I believe that a made from scratch life is possible with a measure of grace.

It isn’t about being the queen of DYI and traditional food- it’s about making do with the resources you have to craft the simple, natural home you long for without breaking the bank.

It’s about learning when you give yourself a break and forget about living up to “perfect”.

When you become a member of the Nourishing Simplicity community, you’ll get the confidence you need to live a made from scratch life, without the pressure to be perfect.

What others in our community are saying:

Katie Mae, I am sure glad I found this blog. I have been implementing “Nourishing Tradition” principles in my home. So much time is spent fiddling with and converting recipes. Your recipes are a God send, you are one talented lady and such a creative cook! I am following you and am bookmarking this page as well. Thank you for sharing !! –Cynthia


I loved this post. I am right there with you this year. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. Yes! Please!


A bit about my “Made From Scratch Life”…

Deep inside of me, there has always been a longing for a more simple life. Green pastures, homemade food, chickens running around, pots overflowing with herbs, and cute tins with salve resonate deep within me.They fill me with a sense of calm and beauty that is hard to explain.

I alway dreamed of being Laura Ingalls or a girl growing up in Avonlea. Yet I grew up in the city, and once again find myself there after several years in the country. Maybe you love the city, that is okay too.

The beauty is that you can live a simple life regardless of where you find yourself. It may not look like the picture you painted but that is okay.

Simple living may be making most of your meals from scratch and making a jar of toothpaste while allowing yourself the grace to know that 100% organic is not a must. Just like buying something instead of making it is not an end all.

Taking things one step at a time, as you learn new skills and stay within your budget is the best way to go. Doing everything perfect is not attainable, believe me, none of us are ever going to be there, including myself. 

The rhythm and routine of my simple and crunchy life, it is not overwhelming. One of the mains reasons is because I have allowed myself the grace to know that I don’t have to be perfect.

It is okay to add a couple new recipes and natural things to my life at a time and not try to do everything at once.

Getting Started

Not sure where to start? Here are a few articles that give you a look into how to have a grace-filled made from scratch life. You can also eBooks to learn about to create simple, nourishing teas and treats or real food on a budget.

I am not a fan of yogurt from the store, ESPECIALLY flavored stuff. But I was thoroughly addicted to homemade yogurt on the first batch. So all this to say…thank you. And everyone who stumbles across this now old post…JUST MAKE IT!! It is SO stinking easy you’ll wonder why you never made it before. It sounds complex, but it’s not at all. If it didn’t involve a stove, a 4 year old could make it. That’s how easy it is. ~Bethany



  1. I have to tell you I am crying bc I am so happy to find a Christian blogger who writes about NF. My son has it.

  2. Lovely to meet you Katie.
    I look forward to browsing your blog and learning more.

  3. carolyn schwartz says:

    Hi ,I just came across your blog and find it VERY interesting! I tried to subscribe for it but couldn’t so I just bookmarked it!!
    I also love to make all my own “stuff” as much as I can and enjoy seeing and reading how and what others are doing.
    Thanks for sharing and God Bless you I also love the Lord and believe he has given us herbs that heal us if we learn to use them! Thank You for sharing.

  4. Rebecca Weiss says:

    I just came upon your blog from another healthy blog….love learning how to make my own good food. I loved reading your about page. I have a sister who is now 26, who is deaf. What an amazing time you must have where you live. Hope to follow along now that I’ve stumbled upon you.

  5. Again, great to have found you. You have such an interesting life and a really neat calling to those girls! May God continue to bless you and also give you someday the desire of your heart to get married and have your own family!

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