That Time I Talked About Menstrual Cups SckoonCup Review


That Time I Talked About Menstrual Cups SckoonCup Review-

 “This post was created as part of the SckoonCup Review Campaign in which I am a financially compensated blogger. The opinions are my own and based on my own experience.”

Note: For male readers (those few that I know are out there), this post is not for you. So if you don’t care to read about “Aunt Flow” and things like that now might be the time to click away. I’m not offended, honestly. Come back later for a nice recipe or other natural living tip in a couple of days.

If you have been around Nourishing Simplicity a while you will know that I embrace all things “crunchy”. I’m that gal that ditched regular TP and actually talks about it. I also love all things cloth including cloth menstrual pads so this next item I’m going to talk about really shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. What might that be? The menstrual cup.

My first cup actually came into my life before I embraced all things cloth. I was definitely a closet cup user for a while. Periods aren’t always an easy thing to talk about but once you talk about cloth pads online and interview other bloggers about it, it’s kind of fair game as a friend told me.

Last fall SckoonCup  (ad) asked me to review on of their menstrual cups. I was all on board since my other cup was four years old and not looking so nice. Let me just say I LOVE the color selection! My previous cup was clear and after years of use it was a bit stained. SkcoonCup offers 6 colors to pick from! The bright colors are fun but best of all they don’t stain as easily!


My lovely blue cup and cute bag to store it in!


SkcoonCups come in two sizes Size 1 and Size 2.

Here are some basic rules when it comes to SckoonCup menstrual cup sizing. (From the site.)

Most people who order SckoonCup menstrual cup size 1 will fit some to most of these guidelines:

  • Have not had a vaginal birth
  • Usually under 30ish (if not had vaginal birth)
  • First time users
  • Young people and teenagers who have not had a vaginal birth
  • People who are virgins
  • People who are fit, do yoga, Pilates, and may have strong pelvic muscles
  • If you have bladder sensitivities and need a smaller cup
  • Fits people who have both a “lower” or “high” cervix location
  • Have a medium/heavy to light flow
  • Are worried because you have a “hanging” cervix

SckoonCup size 1 is 1.6 inches in diameter, 1.6 inches in cup length, and the stem is 1.2 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches. SckoonCup size 1 can hold 23ml of fluid.

Most people who order SckoonCup menstrual cup size 2 will fit some or most of these guidelines:

  • Had a vaginal birth
  • Over 30ish (even if you have not had a vaginal birth)
  • Plus sized individuals may benefit from a size 2
  • People who have a very heavy flow may like the size 2
  • People who need a larger cup but not a “longer” cup because of a lower sitting cervix

SckoonCup size 2 is 1.8 inches in diameter, 2.0 inches in cup length, and the stem is 0.8 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches. SckoonCup size 2 can hold 30ml of fluid.

By using SckoonCup you can often collect double to quadruple as much fluid than you can when using a tampon!

These cups are made of medical-grade silicon and are free of synthetic fibers, bleach and dioxin, which makes SckoonCup a healthier and safer alternative to tampons. The reusable menstrual cup can be worn up to 12 hours, even on heavy days. They’re environmentally friendly products made in the USA.

Reasons to Use a Menstrual Cup-

1. No toxic chemicals

Ever thought about what tampons and pads are made of? Toxic chemicals don’t belong in your near your body. Regardless of what people may say I do not consider disposable pads and tampons to be safe. This list gives you a brief overview of toxic chemicals in products you may buy and the potential health effects.

2. No surprises or stains

There are few things worse than waking up to blood soaked sheets or two having an embarrassing red stain show up while you are out. What woman hasn’t been there? SckoonCups hold 23-30mL of fluid depending on the size you chose. That is more than most tampons can hold. If you have a heavy period or are going to be out for a long time you might want to consider using a cloth pad the first couple days.

If you are worried about being “caught” by surprise you can insert your menstrual cup a day or two before your cycle is supposed to start. (Remember to take it out and rinse it at least once a day.)

Bonus Tip: If you do leak, hydrogen peroxide is GREAT at getting blood stains out. 

3. Easy to use

The SkcoonCup is so easy to use. You insert and can go about your day without needed to empty is for up to 12 hours! You dump, rinse (if you are home), insert and keep on going with your day. It can take a cycle or two to get the knack for using it but once you do I think you are going to love it!

4. Better for the environment

More than 20 million disposable feminine products are thrown away or flushed each year. Most of which end up in land fills or incinerated. Though a large portion are flushed and pass through the sewage plants and into the oceans. Silicone may not be the most amazing thing for the environment but you get many years of use out of your cup before needing a new one. That is a LOT less waste than buying new products every month.

5. Saves you money

SckoonCups may cost a bit when you first buy one but after buying a year or less’ supply of tampons you’ll have your money back. You can continue you use your cup for a few more years. I had my previous cup for four years, I would have used it for another year or two if I hadn’t received my new pretty blue one.

6. On the go

Headed out for the day or going on a trip? I remember the days when I had to fill my purse or suitcase with disposable pads and tampons. With the SkcoonCup you might want to pack a few pads for a long trip but besides that you are good to go! No more taking up extra space.

7. Activity Safe

Looking forward to a day at the beach or a hike? Your SkcoonCup allows you the freedom to continue on with life like normal.

If menstrual cups aren’t your thing Sckoon also sells cloth pads that look like a great product!

How about you? Do you have a menstural cup? Would you give one a try?

 “This post was created as part of the SckoonCup Review Campaign in which I am a financially compensated blogger. The opinions are my own and based on my own experience.”



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  1. I am thinking of switching from a more rigid, lined cup to this softer one. Have you tried both? Which one is preferable to you?


    • Katie Mae Stanley says:

      I’ve only used a soft cup like this one. I have used a Diva cup which is very similar to a SckoonCup. I really like both, I don’t think I would care for a rigid one.

  2. I have never heard of this! I think I want to try it… sounds scary… lol but I have a heavy flow, but have never had vaginal birth… I usually use super heavy flow pads… how do I get the right cup?

    Geez we women have some tough times to endure! 🙂

    • Katie Mae Stanley says:

      I have a really heavy flow as well. I use a pad for the first few days with the cup. I also empty if every few hours or whenever I go to the bathroom. That helps a lot. I have the smaller cup but I have considered getting the larger size. Once you are 30 or older it’s normally suggested that you get the larger one even if you haven’t had a vaginal birth.

      The cool thing about the cup is that you can actually measure how much blood you lose.

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