Best Home Remedies of 2014


Best Home Remedies of 2014

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! While we are taking a break for the holidays check out the best home remedies of 2014 from the gals at Alternative Living Network!

Managing Bites with Herbal Remedies from a Gypsy Herbal
Stock Your DIY Natural Medicine in One Afternoon from A Delightful Home
7 Steps to Avoiding the Flu without a Shot from Intoxicated on Life
DIY Immune Boosting Herbal Tea from Intoxicated on Life
DIY Sinus Anti-inflamatory Essential Oil Blend from Intoxicated on Life
Stop Stomach Flu in it’s Tracks from Intoxicated on Life
How to Get Rid of Bladder Infections Naturally from from My Cultured Palate
How to Make a Soothing Lavender Detox Bath from This House of Joy
Naturally Treat Yeast Diaper Rash from Simple Life Abundant Life
Naturally Eliminated Chronic Headaches from Simple Life Abundant Life
DIY Herbal Teething Tincture Tincture from Simple Life Abundant Life
4 Myths About Lice Dispelled from Nourishing Simplicity




Photo Credit: Intoxicated on Life

Treating Migraines with Leaves from Whole Intentions
Treating High Fevers with Egg Whites from GNOWFGLINS
Pepper Juice a Pepper Enhanced Tincture to Ward off Colds and Flu from GNOWFGLINS
Lemon Thyme Tea from Pistachio Project
Reusing Elderberries to Make Elderberry Tea from Pistachio Projects
Herbs with Babies and Children Huge Round-up from A Gypsy Herbal
How to Start Using Fresh Plantain Today from A Gypsy Herbal
Hot Toddy, Good for Colds and Flu from Richly Rooted
Herbal Remedies for Sore Throats from Vision Herbs
Master Tonic from My Cultured Palate
How to Get of Bladder Infections Naturally from My Cultured Palate
6 Steps to Shortening the Common Cold with Herbs from Nourishing Simplicity
What to Put in Your Herbal Medicine Cupboard from Nourishing Simplicity and A Gypsy Herbal



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