Saturday Bargains is Here (and it’s Not Even Saturday)


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Hey all! for the next couple months Sarah of Simple Life, Abundant Life asked me to join her in this awesome thing called “Saturday Bargains”.

So, do you ever get confused on days of the week? Yup, been there done that. Sarah and I decided to make you all feel a bit better about those times when you forget what day it is and share all the deals we found two days late….You’re welcome, feel better now? 😉

We are splitting up the work to find the best deals around the web in the areas of real food, natural health, faith, and family.  It’s great for you and it’s great for us. It is great for you because maybe we already found something you have been looking for! Now you don’t have to scourge the web and stores to find. It’s also great for us, because if you purchase anything by clicking through any of our affiliate links, then we will get a tiny percentage of the sale.

So here you go! I hope you like some of these great finds! Please note that these are the prices as of posting. They may change.


I keep dreaming of making my own baked donuts. Ever since I had an apple cider donut at Apple Hill a few weeks ago I have been wanting to try out this soaked whole wheat apple cider donuts. You can too if you snag this great deal!

Do little finger puppets get any cuter? This little family would make a fun birthday gift or stocking stuffer! At only $2.48 that makes them 84% off!

Are you one of those people who only listen to Christmas music after Thanksgiving? I have to admit that I listen to it off and on through out the year. The day after Thanksgiving you will hear little else in my house until after the Epiphany! At $0.89 you can enjoy over 13 hours of music the whole season long!

There was a time where I never would have seen myself using a kitchen scale. I was surprised at how handy I found it to be! If you’ve been looking for one this Digital Kitchen Scale is 70% being sold for $14.99!


Love ice cream? Me too! I make it all the time, you would too if this beauty was in your kitchen. I bought mine from Amazon about 4 years ago and love it! You can get this one 50% off! That makes is $49.51. Your family will thank you once you start whipping out tasty treats like Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream! Maybe you can add it to your Christmas list this year.

My girls loved Frozen! The first time I saw it was at a theater in Mexico in Spanish. If you girls are anything like mine were then they are sure to love this book, plus it’s $2.17 right now making it 46% off!

Who doesn’t like the Princess Bride? It’s selling for 70% off. $5.99 is a great price for a Blue-ray!

There are few family movies that I like more than Courageous. This was a huge favourite in my house since it came out. I only wish I could have gotten it for $5.00 too!


Need a new vacuum? This beauty is 60% off!

I’ve just recently jumped into the world of Vita-Cost. You want to join me? If you sign up tthrough my link you get $10 off your first order of $30 or more. You can share it with your friends and earn $10 for each person that signs up. Here are a couple deals that caught our eyes this week.

Coconut-Secret-Coconut-Aminos-Soy-Free-Seasoning-Sauce-851492002047If you can’t have soy sauce, Coconut Aminos are the way to go! You can get a bottle for only $4.15, that’s 44% off!

Kirks-Natural-Castile-Soap-Original-639844100081I love castile soap! You can use it to make your own dish soap, laundry soap or just your everyday soap. You can get 3 bars right now for $3.02!!! That’s just over $1 per bar.


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