How to Make a Simple Arnica Tincture



I have a well stocked herbal medicine cabinet. Echinacea, elder flowers and plantain are some of my go to herbs. Another staple is arnica.

Arnica is know for it’s ability to promote healing for bruises and sprains. It is also used on the skin to sooth and heal after trauma to the body. Arnica however is not safe to use internally unless it is a homeopathic blend such as Boiron, I have personally taken it to reduce swelling due to sciatica.

Last spring I made a quart of arnica tincture, now I am almost out. We have used it on numerous bruises, sprains and back pains. Thankfully I made a new batch a few weeks ago that is ready to go.

To use, dip pour a small amount on a cloth or cotton ball and rub over the effected area. Repeat every few hours as necessary.


How to Make a Simple Arnica Tincture
  • 1 quart jar
  • 3 cups dried arnica
  • 1 bottle of rubbing alchohol
  1. Pack the jar with the dried arnica flowers, until ¾ of the way full, add more if three cups is not enough.
  2. Fill the jar with rubbing alcohol leaving 1 inch open at the top.
  3. Screw on the lid and store in a dark place for at least two weeks. Shake once or twice a day.
  4. After two weeks strain the tincture through a cheese cloth or t-shirt. Discard the flowers and store the tincture in a glass jar.
  5. Dab a small amount on bruises and sore muscles with a cloth or cotton ball.

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