Electrolyte Vanilla Cream “Soda”



I have a new love. It’s sparkling mineral water. I never much drank soda pop growing up. I became a huge fan of it while I was a teen and into my early adult years but I never had it too frequently since I couldn’t shake the fact that I knew it was horrible for me. Over the past year I have really gotten into drinking stevia sweetened mineral water. It is light, bubbly, a bit sweet and refreshing.

Baja has had a very mild winter this season unlike most of North America. There have been days where it is almost 90 F! No, I’m not happy about it at all, I love at least a bit of winter (maybe not that -50 F though). After three weeks of a cold spell warm weather broke out and left us all feeling sluggish since we weren’t used to the heat. I decided it was time to open up another bottle of sparkling water and make my favorite “soda” again. This time I decide to add a bit of Real Salt (#affiliate) to give it an electrolyte boost. This electrolyte “soda” is not only for those that have been out in the sun for too long. If you are sick, pregnant, nursing or simply not able to stay hydrated by drinking water this drink may help.

It’s time to nourish  your body the right way with real foods that contain minerals that will hydrate, soothe and heal plus the fact that it is tasty makes it all the more fun. If you want to make your drink extra special you could always serve it in my new favorite cup AKA the beautiful blue mason jar, a fun top and and a stainless steel straw. (#affiliate links)





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Electrolyte Vanilla Cream “Soda”
  • 8 oz sparkling water
  • 5-10 drops vanilla stevia extract
  • 1 pinch of Real Salt
  1. Pour your sparkling water into a glass of choice.
  2. Add the stevia and salt, stir and watch bubble!

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  1. A couple of my friends drink Gatorade because they are nursing and they say it boosts their milk supply. Should I pass this recipe on to them? Would it help them? They claim that Gatorade helps. Thank you.

    • Katie Mae Stanley says:

      I have never nursed because I don’t have bio kids of my own but unrefined salt is a wonderful natural electrolyte. As is coconut water.


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