Tranquil Tea



I am a self professed tea addict! There I’ve admitted it. Not a day that goes by where I don’t drink at least one cup of tea. This morning I’ve had five mug fulls! Earl Grey has been my tea of choice today.
How ever you like it black, green, herbal, red, white; with honey, coconut cream, raw milkā€¦. tea makes pleasant days even more cheery and difficult days a touch better. It offers, comfort, relief, relaxation and encourages fellowship.
One of my favorite teas is my own Tranquil Tea Blend, join me at Bulk Herb Store learn how to make it!

What is your favoriteĀ tea?

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Katie Mae Stanley is the writer at Nourishing Simplicity, where the focus is on nourishing foods, herbal remedies, simple living and faith. Ethnic and Mid-west foods are always a favorite in her kitchen and on her blog. She is also the author of the book Steeped: Simple Nourishing Teas and Treats. Katie Mae spent 10 years as a missionary dorm "mama" for a gaggle (almost 40) of amazing deaf girls at a school for the deaf in Baja California, Mexico. Now she finds herself state side ready to embrace God's next adventure. A cup of tea or coffee and a bit of dark chocolate make an appearance at some point in any given day. You can connect with the Nourishing Simplicity community on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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