Red Raspberry Leaf- A Woman’s Herb


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You have probably eaten your fair share of raspberries over the years. You may have even gone berry picking carefully plucking the delicate fruits from the vines while avoiding getting suck in the bramble. What you might not have known is that the leaf of the raspberry plant is an important medicinal herb.

Latin Name: Rubus idaeus, Rbus spp. (Rosacecae)

Common Names: Red Raspberry, American Raspberry, Dewberry, Bramble Fruit, Thimble Berry

How to Identify:

The red raspberry bush is hard to miss with it’s vibrant red fruit that is just begging to be picked.Red raspberry as well as all the Rubus species have leaves that are alternate, pinnately compound,consisting of 3 to 7 leaflets. They are finely toothed around the edges, wrinkly and generally hairy. The bottom of the leaf is almost white in color. The branches of the plant are arching, mostly hairless, prickly canes. The red raspberry flowers around June or July. The petals fall within a day or two and give way to berries that grow in clusters. It grows in cultivated gardens and in the wild.

How to Harvest:

I am all for harvesting raspberries, there is nothing like popping a fresh from the vine berry in your mouth. I do not advise harvesting the leaves yourself. If not dried properly they are pron to mold. In my opinion it is best to buy dried red raspberry leaf from a reputable company such as Bulk Herb Store or Mountain Rose Herbs. I frequently buy herbs from both of these companies.

What is is good for?

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