Praying for Your Future Husband


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As a single gal who wants to marry some day I am very passionate about making the most of your period of waiting. It is so important for us to embrace the life God has given us right now. You can read more about that here and here.

Today I want to share with you another topic that is very close to my heart. The most important thing you can do now as a single young woman for your future husband, PRAY FOR HIM. This is something I have been doing for over ten years. Prayer is such a powerful thing!

I pray for my future husband daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Over the years I have met different young men whom I was interested in. I would start praying for them as well as my future husband.

Everyone can use more prayer! Please join me at Virtuous Girlhood to read more. 

About Katie Mae Stanley

Katie Mae Stanley spent 10 years as a missionary dorm "mama" for a gaggle (almost 40) of amazing deaf girls at a school for the deaf in Baja California, Mexico. Now she finds herself state side ready to embrace God's next adventure. A cup of tea or coffee and a bit of dark chocolate make an appearance at some point in any given day.

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