Quick and Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Refreshing mint, rich creaminess, dark chocolate shavings, what more could you want in an ice cream? 

What is so great about this ice cream is that it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and about 20 minutes to churn.  It is low in sugar and almost good for you! Doesn’t everyone need at little more antioxidants in their life from dark chocolate…? 😉 As with all my recipes I strive to use the most nutrient dense ingredients possible so I suggest using raw milk and cream from grass fed cows, raw honey and pastured eggs. If you don’t want to use raw dairy or can’t afford/find it feel free use pasteurized but keep in mind that it won’t be nearly as good for you. A dairy free option would be to substitute two cans of full fat coconut milk for the cream and milk. Still very good for you and a delicious alternative.

If you haven’t read it yet, Modern Alternative Kitchen has a great post about raw milk. It is worth reading if you are unsure or have questions about raw milk.

Quick and Easy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

2 cups heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
1/3 cup raw honey
2 eggs
2 tsp peppermint extract
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup dark chocolate shavings

1. Put all your ingredients in a blender except for the chocolate shavings. Blend on high until smooth.

2. Pour into your ice cream maker and churn following the directions in your manual.

3. When the ice cream has thickened and is almost done, add in the chocolate shavings.

4. After five minutes turn off the machine and store the ice cream in a container. Allow to ripen (harden) in the freezer for at least two hours.

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Katie Mae Stanley is the writer at Nourishing Simplicity, where the focus is on nourishing foods, herbal remedies, simple living and faith. Ethnic and Mid-west foods are always a favorite in her kitchen and on her blog. She is also the author of the book Steeped: Simple Nourishing Teas and Treats. Katie Mae spent 10 years as a missionary dorm "mama" for a gaggle (almost 40) of amazing deaf girls at a school for the deaf in Baja California, Mexico. Now she finds herself state side ready to embrace God's next adventure. A cup of tea or coffee and a bit of dark chocolate make an appearance at some point in any given day. You can connect with the Nourishing Simplicity community on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


  1. I’ve made ice cream a million times and it never occurred to me to use honey instead of sugar. This is why I love to blog, the number of ideas are endless. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul! I now plan to make ice cream today! 🙂

  2. This sounds wonderful! I’ll have to try it soon (: I just found your blog and became a new follower (: Can’t wait to come back for more posts…Hope you have a lovely week!!

    Michele xoxo
    The Homesteading Cottage

  3. Oh just delicious! 🙂 I don’t have an ice cream maker… I make mine in the blender then, put them in the freezer – it tastes just delicious 😉

    Thanks for sharing…



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