Mole con Pollo


Mole, what a delicious food. Chicken covered in a slightly spice, chocolately goodness wrapped up in a warm tortilla or over rice. For me this dish is a celebration food, it’s one of my friends, Gaby’s favorite thing to eat on her birthday. I used to buy the Dona Maria brand, I loved the taste! Then one day I read the ingredients…. soy bean oil was right there at the top. I determined to make my own. So my own version of mole was born. I used Taza brand chocolate, it is a traditional Mexican stone ground, organic, fair trade chocolate. Delightful but more expensive than the Abuelaita chocolate you can find but so good, you get what you pay for. The paste makes enough for more than one meal. I used 1/2 of it to make mole tamales and froze the rest to eat later. I hope you enjoy this dish! 

Mole Paste

10 dried california chilies
5 dried pabalano peppers
2 tortillas
5 oz of taza chocolate
2 cups crispy peanuts
½ cup sesame seeds
5 cups chicken/turkey broth
¼ cup butter
Melt the butter in a skillet. Add the dried chilies and fry for about five minutes. Add in the sesame seeds and peanuts stirring constantly for about two minutes or until the sesame seeds are light brown. Careful they like to jump out of the pan. 
In a sauce pot bring the broth to a simmer. Add the chocolate and stir until melted. 
In a blender combine the chile/nut mixer and the broth and chocolate mixture. Rip of the corn tortillas and blend  until smooth. If you have a regular size blender like me you may need to do this in two or three batches.

Mole con Pollo 

1/2 the mole paste
4 cups of chicken/turkey broth
1/2 cone piloncillo or 1/4 cup sucanat
5 cups of shredded chicken

In a sauce pan slowly heat the mole paste and broth. Once warm add the piconcillo or sucant. Stir every couple minutes until dissolved. Add chicken and stir until covered. Serve with rice and tortillas.

About Katie Mae Stanley

Katie Mae Stanley is the writer at Nourishing Simplicity, where the focus is on nourishing foods, herbal remedies, simple living and faith. Ethnic and Mid-west foods are always a favorite in her kitchen and on her blog. She is also the author of the book Steeped: Simple Nourishing Teas and Treats. Katie Mae spent 10 years as a missionary dorm "mama" for a gaggle (almost 40) of amazing deaf girls at a school for the deaf in Baja California, Mexico. Now she finds herself state side ready to embrace God's next adventure. A cup of tea or coffee and a bit of dark chocolate make an appearance at some point in any given day. You can connect with the Nourishing Simplicity community on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


  1. What a lovely traditional mole recipe! I’ve only ever had mole in restaurants, but this sounds SO much nicer! Thank you for sharing this post with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try a chocolate mole…I think I’ll mark this to try!

  3. Thanks for linking your great post to FAT TUESDAY. This was very interesting! Hope to see you next week!

    Be sure to visit on Sunday for Sunday Snippets – your post from Fat Tuesday may be featured there!

  4. Oh wow….this looks wonderful! I now have this on my “must try” list.

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