A Christ Centered Christmas Part 2- The Jesse Tree


Last year we decided to start celebrating Advent through using the Jesse Tree. It is a wonderful way to focus the true meaning of Christmas. The idea for the Jesse Tree comes from  Isaiah 11:1-2:
1And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:

2And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;

The Jesse Tree is centered around the idea that Jesus is the “stem of Jesse”,  the fulfillment of the prophesy. We use a wonderful devotional called The Glorious Coming: An Advent Celebration by Ann Voskamp. You can get your own free copy from her site. Each day’s reading contains a scripture, a devotional, discussion questions and paper cut out ornaments for your tree. I love how each scripture reading shows that the whole Old Testament points to Jesus coming as the Messiah. The readings start with Creation and end with the birth of Jesus. It’s a beautiful picture of God’s plans and promises and his fulfillment of them. 

You can use Ann’s print offs for your ornaments or you can make your own, which is what we did! It can be a lot of fun making your own but it does take some time. There is a devotional reading for every day of Advent, so there are over 20 ornaments that need to be made. Most of ours were made from felt, some are wooden cut outs from a craft store and others are little toys that we found. I hope to finish making them this year. Get your family involved in making the ornaments for a fun activity! 

Here are some of our ornaments:

                                                       Our basket to hold them

Day 1: Jesse Tree
Day 2: Creation

Day 3: Temptation of Adam and Eve

Joseyln making some ornaments

Links for more about the Jesse Tree and Ornaments:

Passionate Homemaking: Lindsay has a wonderful post with lots of great ornament ideas
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  1. Hi Katie, I just saw your Tea recipe over at Passionate Homemaking Blog. I so glad to find you on the web. You have your own blog! We just picked up Alex at Mt. Hermon today. He’s been working as a Camp Counselor for the summer. Brian’s up helping with the Chinese camp this week.
    I’m so glad to find your blog!

    Love to you and the girls.

    Heather P. (Brian, Craig, Alex, David, Anna, Deborah and Johnny’s mom)

    • Thanks Heather! I’m glad you “found” me. 🙂 Passtionate Homemaking is one of my favorite blogs, so it was very exciting to write for Lindsay. I’m sure it will be great to have Alex home again. Does Brian knon any chinese?

  2. Thanks Orie!

  3. Your girls are beautiful

  4. Thank you Bethany! That is so kind of you!

  5. That is so neat the you guys do the Jesse Tree. It’s a great way to still use the tree and “be festive”, but to give it great meaning.

    Thanks for your blog. I don’t comment alot but I really enjoy your posts – whether it’s about food or anything else!

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