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Do you struggle with finding that time alone with our Savior daily? I know that for me it is a constant battle. So many things can occupy our time, it is easy to just put God off and tell him that I’ll talk to you later. Often though later never comes. When your days are filled with caring for a baby, teaching your kids, cooking, cleaning the house, working in the garden, or working a full time job it is hard to spend that time alone that we need with Jesus; simply praising him, finding refreshment for our souls and learning how to be the women he intended for us to be. I know that when I put God off first thing in the morning my heart is not in the right place, I am more irritable with my girls, more selfish, stressed and all around just not a very nice person. On the other hand when I start my day off with my Heavenly Papa my priorities and purpose are more inline. I remembering why I am here, what God wants me to do and most importantly WHO I am serving. As much as I love my girls, I’m not in Mexico for them, I’m not here for myself, I am here to serve my Heavenly Father who, for this time in my life has put me here. Just as if/when he calls me else where I will be serving him there too.  I would like share with you some ways that I find to spend time at the feet of Jesus.

1. Wake Up Early
Now I know this can be hard thing especialy for you night owls, even for a early bird like me it is a struggle to wake up earlier than I would like to start my day with God. I believe that it is a needed way to start the day. Jesus himself would start his day off with prayer. (Mark 1:35) My girls get up at 6:00, so I make it a priority to be up at 5:40. My goal is to be up by 5:30 but I haven’t gotten there yet. I get up, stretch, get dressed and spend a few minutes in prayer, praising my Heavenly Papa, praying for my family and girls, and to have the right perspective on my day. One of my friend’s moms challenged me to pray before I even get out of bed that God would help me to respond well and not react poorly to the situations that will happen during my day. If there’s time I may start on my Bible study but normally there’s not, hence the goal to wake up at 5:30.
2. Be Involved in a Bible Study Group
In January I joined a women’s Bible Study. It has been so refreshing and encouraging for me. I want to spend time with God, studying his Word but at times I feel at a loss as to what to study. Right now we are going through a Beth Moore study on the book of Daniel. There are five lessons a week, giving me two days for my own personal study of choice. The fellowship, teaching dvd and accountability have been exactly what I need. When I know that I am going to be seeing all those ladies the next week and that we are going to be discussing what we have learned it makes me driven to finish and not use that time with God for other things.
3. Memorize Scripture
Write verses that God has put on your heart on index cards and put them in places around the house that you spend a lot of time. One the stove, by the sink, on the bathroom mirror and on your bed side table are just a few ideas. Even if you just have time to read it once as you pass by, the verse will slowly sink it’s way in.
4. Listening to Music and Podcasts
I love to listen to up beat Christian music and worship music while I clean and go about my day. It’s a great way to motivate you and encourage you. I also started listening to different podcast sermons last fall. I have really enjoyed learning from many different Godly teachers. I have been challenged, encouraged and inspired to study more on my own. I listen to them when I’m gardening, exercising, cooking, or in the car.
Here are some of the podcasts that I have been listening to:
Nancy’s passsion and love for Christ and women is very apparent in her broadcasts that can be heard each weekday. She will challenge you to know God and live his way.
The Message Runner has a wonderful selection of sermons and testmonies from across the country. They rebroadcast the best christian messages that they come in contact with. The messages as it is put on their website, “show us to Christ, encourages christian growth, teaches us to love others and teaches us to defend our faith.” I have enjoyed listening to sermons from teachers like Josh McDowell and Ray Comfort, that take me back to my high school Bible Class days.
Listen to Dr. J Vermon McGee as he teaches verse by verse through the Bible. He takes you thru the Bible in five years, going back and forth between the Old and New Testament. I just started listening to his teaching on Malachi, one of my favorite Old Testament books. Once I get done, I’m thinking about listening to all his teachings.
I hope that these ideas will help and encourage you in your daily walk with the Lord. I don’t have time to do all these things every day but they are all ways that I spend time and learn from my Savoir. Blessings!!
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