Herb Lesson #2- Sage


Sage grows wild in our hills. I love the smell that fills the air as I hike. It makes me think of all the camping trips my family went on in the Sierra Nevada’s during the summer growing up. I could always smell the sage growing on the mountain side. Sage is a wonderful plant that has been used by people all over the world throughout the centuries. Hippocrates said, “Why should man die while Sage grows in his garden?” The sage that grows in our hills is Broadleaved White Sage. The Native Americans consider it a sacred plant, using it in spiritual and physical purification rites. The mature shrubs can grow to between 2 to 6 feet high. The plants leaves are fuzzy, thick and silvery-green from one to four inches long.

Sage is an amazing plant with a plethora of uses. It can be used as a hair rinse to darken brown hair. When drank as a hot tea, sage will stimulate perspiration, breaking a fever. Hot sage tea is also used for headaches and to calm nausea. When you have a sore throat or canker sores you can gargle with a cool tincture or tea. A cold tea can be used to curb excessive sweating and reduce mucous congestion. You can boil sage leaves and breathe in the steam while covering your head with a towel to relieve sinus congestion. Sage can be used to strength your gums when you brush with a powder made from the leaves. Sage tea can be used to wash wounds, skin inflammations and staph infections. Just be careful when pregnant or nursing when using internally as it up can dry up the flow of milk.

I am just amazed at the myriad of uses this herb has! What a wonderful and intelligent God we have who gave us the remedy for so many ailments in just one plant. I think that sage has joined the ranks as one of my favorite herbs right up there with garlic and echinacea. Especially because it grows wildly right in my own back yard! So far I have made a tincture out of the fresh leaves and dried leaves for later use. I’m excited to see how this wonder herb works!

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