Natural Lice Killing Hair Mask


Natural Lice Killing Hair

School is back in session and your child gets sent home with lice…

It happens. You are not a bad mom, you don’t have a dirty house or poor hygiene, it is just a fact of life. There are not many kids that get through childhood without having lice at least once. Don’t believe the myths people try to tell you.

It’s awesome when you have a natural arsenal on hand to prevent lice from the get go but sometimes life just happens and you forget. In that case, you are probably wanting to get those nasty boogers lice gone as soon as possible, so your house and kiddo is lice free and not miss any more school or activities.

There are several effective things that you can/should do to treat lice naturally. A good place to start is a natural lice killing hair mask that is a cinch to whip up!

Why is a natural lice killing hair mask is so important?

Join me at Modern Alternative Health to learn why! 

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