Organize Your Life and Keep Procrastination at Bay

Organize Your Life Giveaway

How are those plans to make your life more organized this new year?

Hum… that’s not happening? Even if your first few weeks have gotten off to a rough start it doesn’t mean it’s too late.

You know that I love simple living. One way to keep the stress down a bit is to stick to routines and get a bit more organized.

I’d be the first to admit that I can be a procrastinate. It’s true but not something to be proud of. That’s why I need help staying organized as well.

Planners are a GREAT way to stay on track and know what is happening each day. Simple steps like menu planing are one of those things that has saved my sanity a bit over the years especially when I was in Mexico raising 16 girls!


A few friends and I have come together to host a fun giveaway that might be just the organization motivation that you need!

We’re giving away $250 to!

You can see read Kayse’s review of Erin’s Life Planner here. She also has address books, phone cases, chore charts and family schedules! What more could you ask for? It’s just what I need and maybe you need as well to give you that start to get your life more organized! With $250 you can have all sorts of fun browsing Erin’s site! ***

***If you sign up you get $10 off your first purchase! 

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