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I feel like breathing a sigh of relief as the day draws to a close. It’s been a good but busy week. Today was a busy day. I did tackle a couple of bathroom drawers and desk drawers of that was AWESOME! I get excited anytime I am able to find items I no longer need so I can keep things more simple and organized.

As Sunday draws near I am thankful to have a day of rest with some good God time, my Sunday School class, family, and friends. Isn’t a day to set aside the business of the week a blessing? It a wonderful way to end or begin a week.

I’m getting ready to put on my comfy cloths and enjoy a “Concha” (Mexican sweet bread), a cup of coffee, and a good book. Have a blessed weekend my friends! Be sure to check out some of these reads and deals that I am loving right now!


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The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle is AMAZING!!! I. can. not. wait. to dig in! The awesome thing is that it is offered at three different levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Business. You can learn to step up your game where ever you are at in your skill level, lack there of. ;) Who doesn’t want to have great picture of their kids? And food because well, food is great..

How to Make Crispy Hashbrowns

How to Make Crispy

The perfect hashbrowns are the crown of a cook’s morning. There is nothing like crispy hashbrowns fried to golden perfection. Hashbrowns are a great addition to any hearty breakfast, unfortunately often they turn out a soggy, gray mess instead of deliciously golden brown. There are many tips out there on how to create the perfect hashbrowns. […]

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70+ Real Food Breakfast Recipes


Most real foodies have some great breakfast recipes up their sleeves. That’s because they know the importance of a nourishing breakfast to start your day. Unfortunately it’s also easy to get stuck in a rut. Believe me I’ve been there lots of times. That is were some of my awesome blogging friends and colleges come […]

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Tropical Probiotic Smoothie

Tropical Probiotic Smoothie-

I love smoothies! They the perfect snack or addition to a breakfast. If you add the right ingredients you can even make a meal out of one. Now I’m not taking the smoothie that you get at the smoothie shop in town. While tasty those generally have the addition of sherbert/sorbet and fruit juice. Other […]

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Real Food Iced Mocha

Real Food Iced Mocha-

It’s a hot summer day. The afternoon slump is setting in you feel like you need. coffee. now! Before you load up the kids to get your favourite iced coffee drink at the local coffee shop consider making it at home. You may even have all the ingredients in your kitchen. That iced mocha can […]

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