My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things

This post was originally meant to go live almost two months ago. 

It’s been a long while since I was able to spend much time in front of my laptop and add my noise to the blogosphere. I’ve missed you all, and sharing my favourite things.

I’ve been in a season on intentional and unintentional breaks. Life is full of the unexpected, isn’t it?

Those of you that follow me on Facebook or Instagram (I’m loving it over there!) may know that my brother is seriously ill. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain-stem tumor in the fall. We have been on a wild journey ever since.

There have been multiple ICU stays, nights of sleeping in the same clothes, and lots of take-out, and meals brought to us by many friends. There have been countless prayers, tears, and amazing people.

In April, early on the morning of the 30th, we almost lost him. Respiratory failure has to be one of the scariest things to watch. Yet God is gracious and isn’t done with my brother yet. The paramedics got there just in time and after almost three weeks in the ICU, my brother came home again.

Sadly on the 29th of May (the day post was written) once again he went into respiratory failure and was rushed to the ER in the nick of time. After almost six weeks in the ICU, he was transferred to a facility for patients on ventilators. At this time we don’t see any hope of him returning home.

Things still look bleak yet God is still faithful. 

We have been so amazingly blessed by ICU staff that have become like family, friends showering us with meals, prayers, gas cards, and countless prayers.

Amazingly in the midst of our chaos our Heavenly Papa has given me a greater peace and joy than I have known since I returned from Mexico. Transitioning from the mission field to life in the States is not easy. Someday I may be able to share more about that. (Update, God continues to give me that peace and daily little things in life bring an unshakable joy.)

Other exciting things like my little sister getting married (I was the photographer), my dear childhood best friend giving birth to a precious girl on my birthday, my sister’s wedding reception, family visiting, and a trip to Mexico have filled the last few months as well.

Wedding MFT

This is a long way of saying life happens. Life is full of the unexpected. My plan is to be on here more in the coming months but we shall see. When I started this post back in May I didn’t expect things to take the turn that they did.

Until then curl up with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some things I have been savoring the past few weeks and just waiting to share with you!

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Favourite Eats and Recipes

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Favourite Books

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